More of people your parents warned you about: Bobbi Simmons, McArthur, OH Jeff Simmons, McArthur, OH Bobbi Wolf, Wellston, OH Harry Wolf, Wellston, OH Chad Byler, Jackson, OH Rachael Byler, Jackson, OH David Walton, Wellston, OH Laurie Walton, Wellston, OH Debbie Via, Wellston, OH Diane Beckner, Hamden, OH Greg Beckner, Hamden, OH Julia Coyan, Jackson, OH Mike Coyan, Jackson, OH

Kelli Barnett, Wellston, OH

Pam Beatty, Jackson, OH

Tracy Fee, Jackson, OH

Mike Davis, Jackson, OH

Kelly Wiley, Jackson, OH

Brenda Aubrey Hamden, OH

John Aubrey, Hamden, OH

Blane Gallagher, Jackson, OH

Krista Brown, Jackson, OH

Stephanie Dulaney, Jackson, OH

Stephanie Grimes, Beaver, OH

Greg Grimes, Beaver, OH

David Butt, Jackson, OH

Briana Marauve
Paul Marauve



Meet the people 
your parents warned you about: We are the members of Parrotheads of Southeastern Ohio Club

President: Diane Beckner

Diane is a Merchandiser

for Krogers

Vice President: Dave Walton

Dave is the Transportation Admin. for Jackson County odot

Secretary: Laurie Walton

Laurie is an MIS Specialist with Jackson County Job & Family Services

Treasurer: Tracy Fee

Tracy is a Technology Coordinator for Vinton County Local Schools

communications: Brenda aubrey

Brenda is a Marketing Officer for WesBanco Bank, Freelance Graphic Designer.


Our phun phlock...we are full of fruitcakes, pirates, sailors, hula girls and sharks!  We think you will fit in just fine!

 We party with a purpose!   Parrotheads of Southeastern Ohio Club is a non-profit organization.  Our purpose is to assist in charitable and environmental concerns while providing a variety of social activities for people interested in the music of Jimmy Buffett and the tropical lifestyle

he sings about.


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